Equality through
Capital Markets

Driving Social Change.

Equal Invest™ is an investment fund inspired by my three decades of championing gender equality throughout Latin America and now, the world.


The Equal Invest™ fund will be based off our proprietary algorithm, which has created an index more elaborate than any other gender equity fund on the market.


Based off my experience as an executive, I knew the two variables most commonly used (measuring representation in leadership and executive boards) were neither fully indicative of a gender balanced company nor the success that an empowered female workforce can bring.


So, ours has 20 variables.


Based off my experience as an investor, I knew returns were important, and I wanted returns that were, at the very least, competitive with the market.


So, ours outperform it.


Lastly, but most importantly, based off my lifetime of working with women with little to no resources, I wanted to ensure our value wasn’t only for high net-worth investors.


So, our fund is the first point of entry for women at the base of the income ladder to generate capital market returns.


The sleeping lion of female potential in the workforce, in politics, in entertainment and all other sectors traditionally reserved for male dominance is finally being awoken.


By providing women who were previously excluded by the formal economy the opportunity to generate capital market returns, we are activating an economic potential that has never before been considered.

Equal Invest is not only the result of my past, but the legacy I will leave for women far beyond my time and reach.


Join me in ushering an era of capitalism we can all be proud of.


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